The Strong Bond

Learn the intricate meanings of Tauheed, the testimony of faith ” La Ilaha Illa-Allah”, and related subjects Bi’idhnillah!

Class: Aqeedah 101
Instructor: Shaikh Abu Salman Deya ud-Deen Eberle
Semester: Spring 2010 ( Exact Dates TBA)

This course will introduce the student to all the topics and issues related to Usul ad-Deen , [Fundamentals of Religion] and give the most important terminologies, concepts and issues that a Muslim needs for his day to day journey to Allah from cradle to adulthood to grave.

Some of the core issues will be as follows: Deen; concept of worship in Islam and its main components including internal and external worships; Islam a complete way of life; Islamic monotheism as opposed to deviations from monotheism, etc.

Some of the comprehensive terms that will be explained in detail according to their usage in the Quran and Sunnah and sayings of the scholars and jurists will include: Usul; Furu; Deen; Dunya; Fitrah; Jahiliyyah (Period of Ignorance in Arab pagan times before Islam); Aqeedah; Tauheed; Uluhiyyah; Rububiyyah; al-Asma as-Sifat; Ilm; Amal; Hubb; Ta’dheem; Khauf; Raja`a; Tawwakil; Shirk; Taaghoot; Sanam; Wathan;; Islam; Shahadah; Salat; Dua; Zakat; Saum; Hajj; Tawwaf: Zirayah; Qabr; Iman; Allah the Almighty and Majestic; Ilah; Rabb; Malik; Kitab; Quran; Torah; Ibjeel; Zaboor; Rasuul; Nabi; Jannah; Jahannum;  al-Qada wal-Qadr; Kufr; Riddah (apostasy); Nifaq; Fisaq; Fujur; Dhalal (misguidance); Sunnah; Bid’ah; Millah; Firqah; Tai`fah; Nihlah; Dzhahir; Batin; al-Wala-wal-Bara, Auliya-Allah, Tazkiyyat-an-Nafs, Shafa’ah; Waseelah; Tabarruk; Nadthar; Dhibh; Sihr; Ilm an-Nujuum; Anwa`a; Tameemah; and other terms of importance in the Quran and Sunnah in the chapters of books and articles related to the subject.

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