About Us

We started Tauheed Language and Educational Services in 1996 in Karachi, Pakistan.  The  Organization was started to fill in the vacuum, felt by us at the time: a need for a multilingual translation firm; development of Islamic educational books on elementary level –  eventually approaching higher educational grades –  meeting the standard of the modern education, so that the students feel attracted to the Islamic books just as they do to the secular books due to their presentation; Teacher Training Courses for Tajweed-ul-Quran, Arabic Language & Islamic Studies; translation of Islamic educational books from Arabic to English & Urdu; development of study circles to share Islamic knowledge; reaching out to Muslims interested in seeking Islamic knowledge.

With a pool of translators in different languages, we facilitated translations from Arabic to English, English to Urdu (and vice versa), English to Russian, Korean and Japanese.  We have also been doing editing, proofreading, book reviews and critiques.  We translated educational and informational Arabic books in to English/Urdu and got them printed.  Gave Teachers Training Courses, developed study circles and opened our doors to the students of Islamic knowledge.

After moving to the U.S. in 2001, along with our existing activities, we extended our reach to non-Muslims and delivered lectures in churches and local universities.

Presently, we are located in Beltsville, Maryland, offering Tajweed, tahfeedh, tafseer, fiqh  and other Islamic subjects, and Urdu & Arabic language classes online and onsite under the banner of Tauheed Institute, welcoming male and female students from all over the world.  The Institute is thriving with the increasing number of students from all walks of life.

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  1. a musa says:

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