Eid Mubaarak

Verse from the Quran

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  1. tn pas cher says:

    Very good.Thank you very much

  2. Bianca says:

    to the believing man, that ‘He shulod lower his gaze and guard his modesty’. The next Verse Surah Nur, Ch. 24, Verse No. 31, says ‘Say to the believing woman, that she shulod lower her gaze and guard her modesty and display not her beauty, except what is that necessary of, and to draw a head covering over her bosom, except in front of her father, her son, her husband’, and a big list of ‘Na-Mahram’, the close relatives which she can marry is given, and but natural, in front of the chaste women :)Besides these, she shulod maintain the Hijab. The criteria for Hijab in Islam, can be found in the Qur’an, and the Sahih Hadith. There are six criteria 1st is extent, which is the only difference between a man and a woman. For the man, he has to be covered from the naval to the knee. For the woman, her complete body shulod be covered the only part that can be seen, is the face and the hands up to the wrist. If she wishes to cover them, she is most welcome, but it is not compulsory that she shulod cover it. Otherwise the full body shulod be covered. This is the only criteria which differs, between the man and the woman. The second criteria is that, the clothes she wears, shulod not be so tight, that it reveals the figure. The clothes she wears shulod not be so transparent, so that you can see through. And the fourth point she shulod not wear glamorous clothes, or he shulod not wear glamorous clothes (so as to attract the opposite sex the intention part comes here). The fifth point is that a person shulod not wear clothing, which resembles that of the opposite sex like you find men wearing earrings. And the last criteria is, you shulod not wear clothes which… that resemble of an unbeliever. These are the six basic criteria of Hijab, in Islam.Oh and yes it doesn’t necessarily needs to be an Arab attire, it could be any attire that meets the above requirements I am sure with your creative mind (Masha’Allah), you’ll soon insha’Allah come up with something that changes this perception (that only abayas meet the above criteria).Abaya + Amena = My lovely chweeett sister :D

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